Government taxes

Government taxes

havclubDuring your trip to Cuba via Cancun, you must be ready to pay all required taxes applied by both governments.

After Jul 1, 1999, the Government of Mexico set a new immigration tax, called UK TAX, of about $17 U.S.
Dollars, which must be charged in your ticket before leaving from your country to Mexico.

In Mexico this tax is know as DNI (Derecho de No Inmigrante) and it s subject to be charged each time you use
any airport in Mexico to transit or to stay.

In case you buy special discount tickets and/or your travel agent or the airline don´t describe the UK tax, the
Mexican airlines checkers will charge you $17 prior to departure to Cuba.


Ticket tax CUN-HAV-CUN: $ 6
Visa for Mexico $17
(It´s a simple tourist card)
Airport tax CUN $20

Airline safety new tax $12

Visa for Cuba: $15
(It´s a simple tourist card)
Airport tax HAV $20


Federal tax of Cancun, Mexico, is10% (when invoice is required)

If you stay in any hotel in Cancun, you must pay the State tax: 2%

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