The Old Havana City

As the poet said, this is a city where the classic and the modern intertwine in perfect harmony, converting it into one of the most beloved places among those who have ever been there.

An old city dotted with fortresses, remains of walls, plazas, mansions full of a history enriched by the years, picturesque neighborhoods and monumental buildings.

Located in the modern portion of the capital is the International Conference Center, one of the most functional of its type in the world; and Pabexpo, a major exposition center which is proud to host the Tourism Convention of Cuba, the regional largest tourism exchange.

From here, the city with its special joya becomes the happy host for an exchange among nations, for respect for cultures and histories, in support of their respective national identities.

A hospitable and cordial people make the most populous capital of the Caribbean especially attractive. From them, you will receive abundant expressions of affection, enticing you to return. Likewise, internationally recognized spots such as La Bodeguita del Medio, the Floridita restaurant, the Tropicana cabaret and the Grand Theater of Havana, among others, complete the special setting which is, without a doubt, our



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